Bitcoin As Alchemy: APMEX CEO Interviewed by PYMNTS


These are heady times indeed for bitcoin and its peers. Everyone from Elon Musk to Rob Gronkowski is in the game. Volatility reigns. It’s a market where $50,000 once seemed to be a mythical price level. Seems like just a minute ago that price was in the rearview mirror.

Celebrities and volatility aside, price is simply a characteristic. What bitcoin and its brethren really are — well, that’s another matter. Is it an asset class? A currency? An investment vehicle? PYMNTS recently posed those questions to an executive who is used to investing in precious metals. Ken Lewis, CEO of APMEX, runs a company that has traditionally traded in precious metals, mainly silver and gold. His perspective is more grounded than most these days: He believes cryptos will likely become a widespread payment mechanism, and right now they represent a valid part of portfolio construction and management.


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