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Gold Investment Plan


When you're looking to create a gold investment plan, you have several options. If you choose to work with OneGold, one of those options is the Regular Gold Investment Plan. Learn more about this plan and how you can sign up for it today.

Build Gold Savings in a Royal Canadian Mint Vault

When you choose OneGold's Regular Gold Investment Plan, you can save gold without much effort. In fact, all you have to do is make regular deposits into your account and choose the quantity of gold you would like to purchase.  Your gold will sit in a high-security professional vault at the Royal Canadian Mint. At any point, you can decide to stop making deposits or choose to sell your gold and withdraw funds without penalty or notice.

How Do I Set Up the Regular Gold Investment Plan?

You can set up the Regular Gold Investment Plan in a few simple steps. First, you need to open a free account with OneGold. And then navigate under your name to the Settings area and select "Recurring Transactions." From here you can select your product, the amount you would like to invest, the payment method you would like to use to pay for the product and how often you would like to repeat the purchase. 

How Much Does It Cost?

For a limited time, OneGold is offering a special introductory offer that will grant free storage through the end of 2018. 

Why OneGold?

OneGold is associated with the leading precious metals retailer APMEX, Sprott Inc and The Royal Canadian Mint. You can feel secure knowing your gold and silver are stored in a secure professional vault.

The Regular Gold Investment Plan from OneGold makes it easy to begin investing in gold. Open your account today and enjoy all the benefits the plan has to offer.