March 8th Market Update


Monday morning saw a continued rise in the dollar value, which drove further declines for Gold. It's currently trading at the lowest level since June. Last week, the Gold market saw a 1.8% weekly decline. These drops continue despite the assurance the passing of the COVID-19 Relief Bill was supposed to provide.

Also, Monday morning reports of another oil attack in Saudi Arabia caused some slow in the surging market.

With a power crisis in Texas still looming over their heads, Tesla's Elon Musk takes a stab at fulfilling some needs in the energy market. The tech mogul has been building an energy storage facility near Houston that could house more than 100 megawatts of power.

Microsoft's latest cyber attack has made waves as its number of victims could total in the 60K range. In case you missed it, APMEX & OneGold CEO Ken Lewis appeared on the Wall Street Silver YouTube channel to talk about all things silver and the Heresy Financial Podcast to get a behind the scenes look into the precious metal industry.

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