Palisades Gold Radio Podcast


Palisades Gold Radio Podcast

Ken explains the origins of OneGold and what motivated them to build the platform. They wanted to take on ETF's by allowing investors to buy directly, seamlessly, and intuitively. 

Ken discusses the different countries where vaulting is available and their plans to expand into other currencies. There are jurisdictional and legal differences between vaults, and they try to be as transparent as possible. Their original vision for OneGold never fully materialized because miners and banks were reluctant to adopt new ideas. OneGold launched in Canada and utilized a pooled account with the Royal Canadian Mint. They felt that having the government of Canada behind the Mint brought several advantages.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • OneGold's history and background.
  • Title and ownership of metals in vaults.
  • Wholesaler premiums and limited supply of silver.
  • Privacy, audits
  • KYC Requirements

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