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OneGold is proud to offer Switzerland Gold. You can now get the security, and peace of mind knowing that your precious metals are vaulted in the country of Switzerland with one of our premier vaulting partner Loomis, all at a great price.

Switzerland Gold

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Fully allocated and physically segregated


$18.08 per oz or 1.00%

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0.12% per year billed quarterly
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Lloyd's of London

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$5 per quarter

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Switzerland Gold

Storing precious metals in Switzerland has long been established as significantly safer than the other alternatives due to the Alpine nation's free democratic government, political neutrality, and economic stability.

Your physical precious metals will be stored in country at a secure facility with Loomis. All product is physically segregated, investment-grade physical precious metal, fully insured by Lloyd's of London.


Fully Insured Against Theft or Loss

Comprehensively insured against physical loss or damage by Lloyd's of London. Lloyd's of London is the world's leading insurance broker and risk adviser. With over 35,000 colleagues operating in more than 130 countries, Lloyd's of London serves commercial and individual clients with data driven risk solutions and advisory services.

Frequently asked questions.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Switzerland Gold is a digital representation of investment-grade physical gold that is backed up on a 1:1 basis by physical gold products. The physical product consists entirely of investment grade gold products and can include gold coins, bars, or rounds. Switzerland Gold is not a security or a cryptocurrency.

Our Switzerland Gold Products are stored at a secure facility managed by Loomis, located in Kloten, Switzerland. For security purposes, we are unable to disclose the exact location. These positions are reconciled by OneGold on a daily basis. Spot confirmations and cycle counts will be conducted by select employees on a weekly basis, while full confirmations will be conducted by a third-party accounting firm no less than twice yearly.

Metal positions are independently verified twice a year by one of the top 10 provider of audit, tax and consulting services. Each week, OneGold receives a Loomis inventory list idenitifying the specifics of each bar owned by OneGold and its customers, including bar refinery, bar number, bar weight and bar fineness. OneGold performs a daily reconciliation of the balances between the physical metal at storage and actual balance in the OneGold account.

Switzerland Gold is no different than our U.S. or VaultChain Gold Products in terms of pricing, liquidity, physical backing, and the ability to redeem. The primary difference between all of these products would be the vaulting location.

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