GoldSeek Radio: CEO of OneGold-Kenneth Lewis & John Williams

Show Highlights

  • neGold Inc. holds physical gold and silver metals at the Royal Canadian Mint through our friends at APMEX and Sprott Inc.
  • The first online marketplace to offer secure and convenient buying, selling and redemption of digital PMs.
  • OneGold uses VaultChain, a secure, immutable blockchain ledger from Tradewind Markets, the leading innovator in digital precious metals tech.
  • OneGold digital gold and silver are 100% redeemable through OneGold for delivery of physical bullion to customers’ doors.
  • VaultChain gold and silver are available for purchases of any size and competitive prices with low transaction and storage costs.
  • is secure and accessible 24/7 on any device, offering convenient purchases and sales of precious metals.
  • Easy recurring transactions, makes passive saving and dollar cost averaging the gold price, as easy as a mouse click.
  • As a special offer and for a limited time only, OneGold is offering gold and silver at spot price, with no additional premiums.
  • VaultChain sets the industry standard as a fully backed physical asset, with easy redemption in coins, rounds or bars offering clients peace of mind.
  • Tiered pricing insures optimal purchases for each transaction while investors also have the option of regular automated purchases to dollar-cost-average.
  • OneGold leverages the advantages of the gold and crypto econsystems, a unique synthesis of both worlds to the benefit of each client.
  • Funding the account couldn't be simpler through check, ACH, bank wires PayPal and even Bitcoin.
  • Clients can make their 1st transaction before funds settle of just $1 or up to $125,000.

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