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Own metal in vaults around the globe by leveraging our relationships with industry leaders. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your holdings are secured, insured, and audited. OneGold provides all of this at our lowest possible cost. See for yourself

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Minimum Annual Fee: $20.00 , Paid Quarterly: $5.00

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Storage fees are billed quarterly based on the average daily balance of your holdings multiplied by the storage rate of the metal.

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Storage Partners

Our Storage Partners

Whether you are storing in Canada (at the Royal Canadian Mint) or in the U.S. (at APMEX, or Loomis International) or in Switzerland (at Loomis International facility), you can rest assured knowing that your holdings are secured by industry leaders. All of these positions are insured and undergo regular audits. This peace of mind often comes at a high cost. In this case, OneGold has worked to ensure that our customers can leverage secure storage without breaking the bank.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions in regards to storage options and pricing.

Storage fees are billed quarterly based on the average daily balance of your holdings multiplied by the basis points each location charges. Storage fees may vary by product and location.

VaultChain metals purchased from OneGold are stored at the Royal Canadian Mint. All precious metals stored within the Royal Canadian Mint’s network of vaults are guaranteed ounce for ounce by the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada.

Our U.S. Products are stored at a secure facility in the United States. For security purposes, we are unable to disclose the exact location. These positions are reconciled by OneGold on a daily basis. Spot confirmations and cycle counts will be conducted by select employees on a weekly basis, while full confirmations will be conducted by a third-party accounting firm no less than twice yearly. U.S. Gold and Silver Products are also fully insured against theft and loss.

When selling back U.S. Products, you will receive the spot (bid) price -0.30%.

OneGold charges 12bps (0.12%) per year for Gold storage and 30bps (0.30%) per year for  Silver storage. There is a minimum account level storage fee of $5 per quarter regardless of the metal.  For example, a $100k holding of gold would only cost $120 per year, for storage.   And platinum investor holding 200k in platinum would be charged $150 per quarter.

A given value of silver occupies more physical space than the same value of gold. Thus, silver storage is more costly than gold storage.Platinum is the same.