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OneGold's gold price chart shows real-time data for gold prices today and the historical price of gold per ounce. Gold prices may be viewed for any date within the last 30 years in the interactive chart below. Simply click on the date range to view gold price movements for that time period. You can also hover your mouse over the gold prices chart to see the specific price of gold for each day.

Live Gold Spot Price Gold Spot Price Today Gold Spot Change
Live Gold Price per Ounce $1,761.90 ($2.80)
Live Gold Price per Gram $56.65 ($0.09)
Live Gold Price per Kilo $56,646.36 ($90.02)
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Annual Gold Prices and % Returns by Currency

2019 1523 18.83 1359.58 21.95 1148.34 14.11 2171.34 19.58 2171.34 19.58 165352.11 17.34
2018 1281.65 -1.15 1114.90 3.22 1006.35 4.89 1815.84 9.52 1815.84 9.52 140917.41 -3.38
2017 1296.5 10.6 1082.5 7.47 960.8 2.25 1630.6 4.55 1658.5 3.12 146004 90.72
2016 1189.48 8.5 1137.024 12.0 996.615 29.7 1633.773 5.5 1723.505 10.1 137244.5 5.4
2015 1096.3 -10.01 1015.2 2.46 768.4 -0.88 1548.6 10.03 1565.4 6.22 130213 -10.24
2014 1206 0.12 990.2 11.95 775.2 5.97 1393.3 7.83 1468.1 7.92 143544 11.86
2013 1204.5 -37.61 871.9 -44.19 728.9 -39.90 1284.2 -28.52 1351.8 -18.10 126514.6 -13.28
2012 1657.5 7.63 1257.2 6.19 1019.7 3.39 1650.4 5.54 1596.5 6.46 143315.7 17.81
2011 1531 8.20 1179.4 11.17 985.1 8.87 1558.9 10.41 1493.4 8.18 117795.1 3.23
2010 1405.5 22.63 1047.7 27.66 897.7 24.99 1396.6 18.37 1371.2 11.81 113993.1 11.19
2009 1087.5 20.02 757.9 17.44 673.4 10.17 1140.1 5.82 1209.2 -3.17 101240.8 22.12
2008 869.8 4.14 625.7 8.85 604.9 30.77 1073.7 23.36 1247.5 23.88 78842.8 -18.14
2007 833.8 24.20 570.3 15.96 418.8 22.90 822.9 10.62 949.58 15.56 93142.4 19.15
2006 632 18.83 479.3 9.26 322.9 7.46 735.5 18.52 801.8 12.78 75305.9 19.60
2005 513 15.09 434.9 26.30 298.8 24.06 599.3 12.92 699.3 20.53 60549.4 26.28
2004 435.6 4.43 320.5 -2.96 226.9 -2.47 521.9 -3.07 555.7 0.58 44635.9 0.06
2003 416.3 16.60 330 -0.27 232.5 7.23 537.9 -1.97 552.5 -11.60 44609.5 7.64
2002 347.2 20.36 330.9 6.17 215.7 11.96 548.5 19.53 616.6 12.41 41202.2 12.05
2001 276.5 0.72 310.5 5.86 189.9 3.26 441.4 6.62 540.1 8.55 36238.1 13.51
2000 274.5 -5.72 292.3 0.92 183.7 1.96 412.2 -2.18 493.9 10.20 31342.2 5.21
1999 290.2 289.6 180.1 421.2 443.5 29708.5

Gold FAQs

Have you thought about investing in gold, but you're not sure where to start? One of the first things you need to consider is how gold markets work. Once you understand the best ways to buy gold at the best prices, you can move on to learning about gold investments.

Gold Investment

When you're ready to make a gold investment, it helps to understand why gold is a popular option. There's only so much gold available in the world. A small amount might get used in dentistry or in electronics, but the vast majority of gold is held as a wealth store — either as bullion or jewelry or now as physical - backed digital assets like OneGold.

Demand For Gold

As new markets across the world begin to grow, the demand for gold also increases.For example, China consumed 1, 089 metric tons of gold in 2017, which has made it the world's largest gold market for five straight years. To put that into perspective, India is the world's second - largest gold market, consuming 650 metric tons of gold in 2017.For the most part, gold buyers in Asia look at their purchase as a form of investment to protect their savings from inflation.

Not Enough Mining Output to Meet Gold Investment Demand

At one time, South Africa was the leader in gold mining output.However, the country continues to see declines in production.Although Russia and China have started opening new gold mines, they're not producing enough to make up the difference. While these mining companies aren't producing as much gold as they once did, demand from gold investment and gold jewelry buyers keeps growing.This imbalance in supply and demand is causing gold prices to climb steadily higher.

When the Dollar is Weak, Gold is Strong

When the U.S.dollar hits a slump, gold investment exceeds the gains in all major world currencies. In fact, most gold investors know that when the dollar is weak, gold is usually strong.

When Inflation Hits, Gold Shines

While a falling dollar and inflation aren't the same things, they often go hand in hand. However, unlike the falling dollar, when new money hits the market faster than the ability to make new goods, gold investment still shines.

Is gold a good investment for 2019?

Many analysts recommend precious metals such as gold as good investments. They help diversify your portfolio, protecting you against inflation and volatility in the stock market. Financial experts have predicted 2019 will be an outstanding year to acquire gold, as the world economy is expected to slow down.

The price of gold will likely rise over the next year, with a bullish trend that may continue for several years. This forecast is drawn from indicators such as a weakening U.S. dollar and news the Federal Reserve will be more cautious with interest rate hikes. As the U.S. dollar loses strength compared to other major world currencies, gold becomes more interesting to buyers outside of the United States. Rising interest rates give investors a reason to put money into government bonds, but as the Fed becomes hesitant about hikes, precious metals become the safe haven of choice.

Is buying gold a good investment?

By purchasing gold, both physical and digitally backed products, you acquire an asset class that has been valuable since the dawn of civilization. Before the invention of manufactured government currency, people used precious metals to store their wealth. This practice has continued throughout history. Today, many financial experts agree that 5 to 10 percent of your portfolio should be made up of gold and other precious metals. The price of gold is known to move independently of stocks, and in times of economic downturn, can be a bright spot in an otherwise slumping portfolio.

One factor that makes gold such a great investment is that the world supply is limited. Because it must be extracted from the earth and cannot be manufactured at will, it has a purchasing power that typically remains stable in the face of inflation. Another reason buying gold is such a good idea is because of its global recognition as a valuable asset. An ounce of gold in the U.S. is worth the same amount in every other country and can be traded anywhere at comparable rates.

Is investing in gold worth it?

Gold brings added security to your collection of investments. Because of its intrinsic value, the purchasing power of gold usually remains stable even as other commodities suffer from inflation. For instance, in the mid-1980s, the price for one ounce of gold was comparable to that of a quality business suit. While there are always ups and downs in the market, you can still buy a first-rate suit for about the same price as an ounce of gold. This price relationship is true even as the dollar value of both have multiplied nearly four times over.

Gold is known throughout the world as a valuable way to store wealth. Many central banks and sovereign governments add to their precious metal assets every single year. When you decide to sell your gold products, either physical or digital, there will always be an interested buyer. The value of gold is set at a global level so anyone can determine the actual worth of bullion at any given time.

Is it the right time to invest in raw gold?

Because market timing is so crucial when investing, watching daily price changes is key to making a wise decision. If you are looking for a short-term gold investment, buying when prices are on a downward swing is usually the right time. For those planning to keep physical or digital gold assets for three years or longer, the broader picture of price movement is more important. Taking a look at the current U.S. dollar value is also advisable. Since all precious metals are dollar-denominated throughout global markets, the buying power of U.S. currency has an impact on the rate of exchange for international buyers.

A key benefit of gold-backed digital assets is the ease with which you can respond to market trends. There are no increment restrictions to buying digital assets since you will not physically take ownership of the metal. As you watch price movements, you can pick the right time down to the minute for your purchase, buying only the dollar amount that you feel is best. If you think the time has come to sell your digital gold or silver, you can manage the transaction 24 hours a day.

Why are gold stocks the lowest they have been for decades?

Gold stocks are a way to invest in the development end of precious metals. These assets are exchange-traded and related to companies dedicated to exploration, mining and production. When gold prices start to rise, some investors see an opportunity to take advantage of growth potential within the industry. When spot prices for bullion decline, gold stocks are vulnerable to similar losses. They are also susceptible to factors such as low earnings reports and lousy publicity that do not affect physical precious metals.

When gold stocks hit their lowest, it is likely due to a combination of declining bullion prices and stock market volatility. Once gold prices begin to rise as they historically do, the related stocks follow suit. Gold stocks can even outpace the growth of physical bullion as markets start to see signs of long-term growth and increased demand. However, stock forecasts are harder to pin down than those of physical or digitally backed gold assets due to the additional outside influences.