Platform security has become increasingly important as more investment transactions are taking place online than ever before. Knowing your product is protected with insured storage and is safely tracked through a distributed ledger comes from working with top-tier storage partners. We also ensure AML compliance to help protect all OneGold users.

OneGold Security

Platform Security

Investing your hard-earned money is nothing to take lightly. We require two-factor authentication upon account creation and each time you log in with a new device. This use of a unique, one-time-use code sent to your mobile phone provides an extra layer of security to your account.

Additionally, all users are able to log into their OneGold account at any time and view all activity, from transaction history to devices that have logged into that account. This overview allows each user to make sure their account is only being used in the way that they intend.

Insured Storage

Insured Storage

As with any sort of precious metals purchase, it is important to have the products properly insured. Our storage partners offer guaranteed insured storage for the physical metals backing each of our digital products.

Once you choose to redeem your holdings for the physical metal, it is imperative the products you choose are protected from the time it leaves our vaults to the time it gets to your hands. APMEX insures every outgoing package, including each OneGold package, affording you peace of mind during the entire process.

Top Tier Vaulting Partners

Top-Tier Storage Partners

As OneGold seeks to bring physical precious metals investing to a true digital platform, it is important that we provide our users with peace of mind throughout the process. We selected the top precious metals storage partners to help provide physical security to our product offering. No matter which digital product is selected, OneGold users can rest assured knowing these products are safe and secure.

AML Compliance

AML Compliance

From two-factor authentication to secure payment information processes, the entire OneGold platform is built on a secure experience. We implemented AML (anti-money laundering) compliance as a further measure to protect our user's accounts and money. For certain actions taken on the OneGold platform, you will be required to submit documents allowing us to verify your identity. These extra measures we have chosen to implement help secure your account against fraudulent purchases, as we require verifiable proof of identity. All AML documents are submitted electronically, making this experience easy with quick processing times so you aren’t waiting weeks to be verified.