Buying Gold Coins Compared to OneGold

How to Buy a Coin in the Equivalent Gold for the Cheapest Price

Gold bought from OneGold is stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, and you can start buying precious metals in any quantity you would like with a $100 minimum.

1/10th oz Royal Canadian Maple Gold Coin
.9999 Fine Content: 3.11 grams
Gold Price: $1205.40 per oz
Selling Price: $132.59
31.1 Grams in a Troy Ounce

In order to buy the corresponding amount of gold found in your coin:

  • Currency: USD
  • Quantity: 1
  • $122 for the gold
0.12% for storage $5 per quarter
Cost to buy $127


Comparing Gold Coins to VaultChain Gold & Silver using OneGold

Buying gold, silver & platinum coins

VaultChain Gold & Silver using OneGold

Delivery costs often hidden within the price

Your gold is already in the vault so no delivery fees charged

Big difference between buy & sell prices (spread)

Tight spread because OneGold users offer and bid prices to ensure a competitive market price

Long delay between deciding to sell a coin, sending it to a dealer and receiving your cash

Sell 24/7 and have proceeds available for withdrawal instantly

Shipping & insurance costs to send your coin back when you decide to sell

Easy Redemption. Pick out a product and it’s shipped direct from

Storing coins at home could invalidate your home insurance

Worry free fully insured storage in a professional vault

Sales Taxes charged on Gold & Silver coins

No VAT or Sales Tax

Easy to sell back. We give you instant liquidation options.  

400 oz good delivery wholesale gold bars

400 oz good delivery wholesale gold bars are stored within the Royal Canadian Mint. Your portion of the bars are documented with Blockchain technology and available for viewing at any time.

There is a more efficient way to buy gold than in small bar and coin form. You can buy AND sell gold at wholesale prices by using OneGold.

To open an account today, all you need is your name, email, username and a password. Our low commissions start at 0.5%. This means you will pay a maximum of 1% roundtrip compared to about 10% (if you bought and sold a small bar or coin from a retail trader).

That wholesale price, which is also known as the 'spot price', is the price for buying or selling gold in the form of large, 400oz (12.5kg) bullion bars. These large bars are the size and format the professional market trades in, and all the small bars and coins are simply created by melting and re-casting these large bars into smaller units.

If you would like the opportunity to trade in the professional market, use OneGold. You will be able to buy investment grade precious metals in this same large-bar format at prices commensurate to the spot price. This will help you evade the extra costs that the traders and manufacturers add on when buying coins. To benefit from these savings, you don't need to buy a whole bar, but rather you can just buy from as little as 1 gram and up to 100kg or more.

To realize the possible cost savings, compare the online price of any gold coin you're thinking about buying with the OneGold price.