Silver Price Alerts


If you're looking to stay current on changes in silver prices, you're in luck. Modern technology is making it even easier to keep up with the latest price adjustments. Learn how you can get price alerts from OneGold thanks to the variety of options you have available to you.

  • Silver Market Alerts via Email & Push Notification
  • OneGold Mobile App

Silver  Price Alerts

You can see email alerts from your registered email address. To sign up for email alerts, you simply need to open an account with OneGold. The process is easy and will only take a few minutes to complete. After you have your account set up, you can create the alerts you need to stay current with all the changes in silver prices. Thanks to these email alerts, you know you'll never miss an opportunity to buy or sell gold at a price you want.

OneGold Mobile App

OneGold is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to buy gold and silver. Period. And now it's also the most convenient by placing all of the below great features into one app. Get gold and silver price charts and market alerts direct from the app. 


How to Start Silver Investing with OneGold

With a deep understanding of precious metals unmatched in any competing partnership, APMEX and Sprott came together with a shared vision for the evolution of precious metals ownership. OneGold is the result of the knowledge, experience, and resources of these two globally recognized partners. 

  1. Create a Free Account at
  2. Choose between the U.S. or Vaultchain precious metals investment metals. 
  3. Low premiums & tight spreads. 
  4. Purchase using Bitcoin, Check, Credit Card or connect your Bank Account. 
  5. No need to wait on funds clearing, you can “Buy Now, Pay Later”. 
  6. Fully allocated and segregated investment grade precious metals. 
  7. Annual storage fees are Silver .30% &  Gold .12%