OneGold Advantage


The OneGold Advantage 

Precious metal investing is nothing new. Gold and silver in particular have been traded for years, and in hard economic times they are the go-to resource. But as any investor knows, gold and silver can be a challenge to buy and sell physically. Premiums can be high, and selling is not always easy. Storage for large amounts can be a problem, and insurance is an issue. 

OneGold changes that. 

APMEX and Sprott partnered up to bring bullion to the masses with this trading platform. OneGold allows customers to digitally buy physical precious metals in fractional amounts. It combines the convenience of a stock or ETF with the security of physical bullion. 

OneGold’s Advantages vs. Physical Bullion and Gold-Backed Assets 

OneGold has several distinct advantages over other precious metal investing methods. 

  • 24/7/365 Investing: You can buy or sell at any time of the day or night, any day of the year. Regular investing in precious metals can be challenging if you’re trying to buy physical assets. Your local store won’t be up to the minute, and if you’re buying online you’d have to wait for physical delivery to sell. You can buy and sell as the opportunity arises with this platform. 
  • Security: We have multiple secure locations worldwide, and you can choose between the nations where you want your metals stored. Our top-tier vaulting solutions ensure you don’t have to worry about theft. And all of our metals are 100% insured. 
  • Backed by APMEX: APMEX is a trusted name in bullion. All of the digital gold, silver and platinum you purchase is 100% guaranteed by precious metals from the APMEX bullion stock. 
  • Redeem to Physical: After 60 days, you can redeem any metal in your account for physical bullion. Unlike a gold stock or ETF, your digital purchase is directly correlated with metals, so you can take delivery of your favored metal in the product of your choosing. 
  • AutoInvestYou can automatically invest in a dollar or ounce amount of your choosing on a regular basis. Set up a recurring purchase with us and set your frequency to begin. 
  • Premiums: $1 over spot vs. $6 over spot for physical metals 

OneGold vs. Other Digital Products 

OneGold is the clear choice when compared other digital gold products. We know there are other digital precious metals trading platforms you could use, all of which have their own selling points. But OneGold stands apart for a few reasons: 

  • TrustWe are backed by two of the most trusted companies in the business and every digital holding is 100% backed by physical metal in a secure location. 
  • Transparency: We advise you of changes in the market, explain our premiums in detail and give you the information you need to make sound financial decisions. 
  • Customer FocusOur goal with OneGold is to bring precious metals to the masses. Our platform is designed to give you the simplest, most convenient solution for buying bullion online. 
  • InnovationWe never stop improving our platform and working on new solutions for you. 

Exponential Growth 

We have seen exponential user growth since OneGold launched in 2019That’s because we’ve created the easiest precious metals investing platform for both new and experienced investors. 

First-time precious metal investors enjoy the ease and convenience of our user experience. We have simplified the metal investing process with simple product selection and transparent pricing.  

The ability to instantly store your metal within a secure, insured vault at purchase reduces the cost and hassle for large metal purchases. Our longtime precious metal investors take have easily scaled their metal allocations using OneGold. 

Focus on Innovation  

We strive to continually innovate our services. Offering features like AutoInvest gives more power to the investor than just allowing them to make purchases when they log in. 

OneGold’s AutoInvest gives you the ability to place your investment purchases on autopilot. Select the ounces or dollar amount to invest and the frequency, then watch your metal allocation grow.  

We also innovate through features and strategic partnerships. We continue to partner with more IRA custodians to let you add precious metals to your retirement plans 

Where to Start 

OneGold is a hybrid solution to precious metals ownership that makes things easy for you. It’s simple to get started. 

Create a free account at Then pick your precious metal of choice. Purchase using Bitcoin, check, credit card or bank account. There’s no need to wait on funds clearing. Buy now and pay later.  

OneGold is the convenient precious metals solution you’ve been looking for. Start today and discover a better way to invest. 

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