Silver Dealers: How to Avoid Being Overcharged by a Silver Dealer


Investors in silver are encouraged to be as informed as possible about the market before acquiring assets, and sourcing reputable traders should be a priority.

Which Silver Dealers Can I Trust?

Silver buyers are particularly vulnerable to underhanded business practices, according to a 2007 report by the Texas State Attorney General.

Greg Abbott, the state's Attorney General at the time, commissioned a review of precious metals traders. "Study the market carefully to avoid falling victim to high-pressure sales tactics," Abbott warned.

The study found that senior citizens were at a particularly high risk of falling for shady characters. Some had even been duped into paying three times the market value for allegedly "rare" gold coins, but the only thing "rare" about the coins was the use of the word.

OneGold recommends APMEX to purchase authentic rare or numismatic coins. 

Avoid High-Pressure Silver Traders with OneGold

At OneGold, our aim is to get you the lowest total cost of precious metals ownership. 

We don't employ salespeople and never apply coercive selling methods. We're also available to answer your questions, and we're happy to walk you through any unfamiliar concepts.

How to Start Silver Investing with OneGold

With a deep understanding of precious metals unmatched in any competing partnership, APMEX and Sprott came together with a shared vision for the evolution of precious metals ownership. OneGold is the result of the knowledge, experience, and resources of these two globally recognized partners. 

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