Buying Silver Coins Compared to OneGold

When it comes to purchasing silver, many people choose to purchase silver coins. But the times are changing, and OneGold is here to make it easier, faster, and more secure for you to purchase silver using OneGold instead of silver coins. 

On OneGold, you can buy as little as 1 Gram of silver and then this silver will securely be stored within the Royal Canadian Mint, always at the lowest possible wholesale prices.

 Let's Compare Costs: Silver Bars and Coins to VaultChain Silver

 Through OneGold, you'll get VaultChain silver instead of silver bars and coins. This makes a huge difference in how much you will pay for a trade. When it comes to silver, platinum, and gold coins, you are likely to pay more, as delivery fees are often hidden within the price. OneGold never charges delivery fees! In 1,000-ounce bar format, your silver is already in the vault, so there is no need for a delivery fee. 

Eventually, you may decide to see your silver bars and coins. Then you'll be forced to pay all sorts of shipping and insurance costs. OneGold, on the other hand, requires no return shipping fees whatsoever. Your silver is already in the vault. 

Let's Compare Convenience

When you decide to sell a silver coin or bar, the transaction will take time. You will need to send the silver to a dealer, who will then send you cash. On OneGold, you can make transactions 24/7, and cash withdrawals from the proceeds can happen immediately. That's right — it's that easy. 

We give you the convenience of storage, too. With silver coins and bars, you will have to find someplace to store your investment or keep it at home. And storing silver at home could invalidate your home insurance. With OneGold, you don't need to worry because your silver is always kept in a fully insured, secure storage vault. 

Let's Compare Prices

When you buy silver and platinum coins and bars, you can be sure you will be charged sales taxes. Not so with OneGold, which charges no VAT or sales tax on vaulted platinum or silver. Depending on your home address, this could save mean savings of up to 20 percent. Additionally, there can be huge differences between buy and sell prices on silver bars and coins. On OneGold, you can rest assured you will always receive a competitive market price. 

Simply put, OneGold is simply a better, faster, more secure, and more convenient way to buy silver than in a traditional bar or coin form. If you're still not convinced, use our handy online tool to compare the price of any silver coin with the price you would pay for an equal amount of silver on OneGold. The prices, speed, and security don't lie. Buy as little as just 1 gram to start benefiting from savings and opportunities.

You can take advantage of all the above conditions and more by opening an account today. It's easy!